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Soothes and alleviates discomfort for fast pain relief

Symptoms of Mild Arthritis

Find relief from arthritic discomfort and stiffness

Muscle Soreness

Relieves muscle aches and soreness effectively

Mild Joint Inflammation

Experience targeted relief for inflamed joints

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Long-lasting on muscles & joints

ActivFlex is a NEW pain and massage gel that can be used for treating high-performance athletes, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Easy to apply, non-greasy gel formula

ActivFlex's nearly clear formula makes it the perfect solution. By absorbing into the skin, you will find ActivFlex simple to include into your treatments. Its absorptive properties allow practitioners a clear, clean, and smooth surface for which to work on.

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ActivFlex's active ingredient, menthol, delivers dual-action relief - simultaneous heating and cooling. Experience an invigorating blend that soothes with a refreshing coolness, while easing tension and inflammation with comforting warmth. Fast, effective, and revitalizing pain relief in one unique formula.

Made in Australia

We take immense pride in bringing you pain relief that is 100% made in Australia. Our commitment to crafting our product on Australian soil comes with a myriad of advantages for you and the world around us.

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